MicrocapMania is here to help you sort through the penny stock maze with tips, information, and reviews on products such as newsletters and software to help increase your odds of being a successful microcap stock trader or investor.

If you’re brand new to microcaps, penny stock newsletters can be a great way to get you started with investing in smaller stocks by letting someone else do the research and information gathering for you.

Penny stocks (or “microcap stocks”) have always attracted investors due to the potential for nailing a big win and the low cost of entry into the stock market.

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We’ve looked as some of the most popular penny stock newsletters on the market and given you our rating based on their methodology and actual performance. Whilst past performance is no guarantee we feel you should have a good understanding of what’s on offer before subscribing.

One of the key advantages to trading or investing in penny stocks is the fact that many low priced stocks fly “under the radar” and often go unnoticed by large investment firms and well known analysts. This makes for a less efficient market, which creates potential to profit from those inefficiencies in a bigger way than with small-cap, mid-cap, or large-cap stocks.

However, aside from the potential for huge gains, there is just as big or even bigger potential risks on the downside, especially investors and traders who are reckless and uninformed.

We have information ranging from the basic, what is a penny stock and how to invest in penny shares right up to investment strategies for bull, bear and uncertain markets.