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James Connelly,  A.K.A the Penny Stock Prophet was, supposedly, a broke MIT student who discovered the secret to making a fortune investing in small and microcap stocks.

Overview: The sales page is really over hyped. In particular the part where he promises to only teach 50 people the secret. There’s even a countdown on there (12 places left when we looked.) Gotta be honest and say this really put us off. He’s not going have a limit, it’s a newsletter!

Anyway, we’d heard quite a bit about this in forums, etc. so we thought we’d check it out. And we were pleasantly surprised.

Methodology: Connelly uses his own mathematical algorithm based on how the Psychological Support Level (PSL) affects his 4 shared variables of analyzing winning stocks.

You then get an email of recommended stocks. And not just that. Each recommendation is accompanied with an analysis and advice is given on investment size.

We think this gives greater confidence rather than just provide a list of stock recommendations.

Cons: None really apart from his ‘limited number of vacancies’ thing. I mean we suppose it could be true that he has set a limit but frankly we doubt it. So why say it except to hype things up.

*On occasion PSP receives compensation from a third party in relation to the profiled companies in the newsletters and e-mail alerts sent to our members.

Bottom Line: Despite the hype we would definitely suggest you give this one a trial. If you don’t have the confidence or the time to do the study necessary to pick out your own penny stocks, The Prophet does a pretty good job overall. Don’t expect all winners as that doesn’t happen with any newsletter.

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One thought on “Penny Stock Prophet Review

  1. Many think of this as a pump and dump newsletter. They tell all their buyers to buy a stock, they all pile in and the price goes up… and maybe it is. What stock newsletter is different. Come to that don’t brokers circulars do the same thing. Trick is, to know it and deal accordingly. Act quickly and disipline yourself and you could make some good corn here.

  2. Don’t bother unless you are going to shadow trade by getting in quick and early and then sell the minute you can turn a profit and never follow for the long-term. Most of the time his picks will jump at the market open, but that is it. They will fade the rest of the day once his followers start the selloff.

  3. Well I had a couple of good gains when I first joined but maybe I got lucky. I agree it’s all about the timing and acting quickly but I’m not sure I want that. I haven’t traded on the recomendations for a couple of moths now and Im doing pretty good on my own.

  4. I had some good picks from this in the past. It can be a bit erratic though. Just another tool in the box really, treat it like that and don’t expect miracles 😉

  5. Sure he picks some winners but there’s no chance of you getting in in time. Classic pump and dump so unless you’re on the inside track you lose.

  6. Used this as an introduction to trading in US shares. Got a few good tips but lacks consistency. Still it got me into the market and for a one off fee that was worth it to me.

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