UPDATE! 11-19-2014 Looks like this one has gone down the tubes. If you try and buy you get:-


This product is inactive and/or no longer for sale. This product has been disabled for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Limited quantities
  • Limited offer period
  • Terms of service violation

So don’t even bother.

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Penny Stock Egghead

Pennystockegghead.comWebsite: www.pennystockegghead.com
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Biased: No



Methodology: This guy attempts to get you in early on the next big penny stock riser, the next Wal-Mart and while that might be wishful thinking the starting point for a new subscriber is a modest one trade a week. A hand picked trade that can start to grow your seed capital exponentially.

Overview: Nathan Gold (is that his real name?!) is the nerdy egg head behind Penny Stock Egghead. This shy, retiring type has produced one of the most hyped sales pages we’ve ever seen complete with a totally hypothetical trading record that turns $1000 into $5.7 million!

Just so you get a taste of the potential, you understand. LOL!

That said, he is prepared to back up his claims with an 8 week money-back guarantee and from the research we’ve done around the trading forums and message boards, not many people take him up on it.

He’s also honest enough to state up front that you’re gonna need some capital (around $1,000) to get started and that you should paper trade his picks before diving in with real coin.

That’s good advice coming from any fellow investor.

‘Out of the box’ you get a downloadable quick-start guide on how to trade penny stocks which is great for newcomers.

And his picks? Early days for us yet, and we’re still paper trading but so far we’ve shown some good paper returns after the first pick we followed bombed.

Cons: You do need at least $1,000 to get going, maybe a bit more and you really do need to totally ignore the over-hyped sales pitch.

Bottom Line: At $97, and with a cast-iron money-back guarantee, this could be considered a no-brainer. But all investment is risky so, if you do take the plunge, paper trade first.

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One thought on “Penny Stock Egghead Review

  1. I agree it’s cheap one off fee so give it a try. Just one decent pick and you’ll be laughing if you time it right.

  2. Cheap enough to pick up and some good tips, although I din’t actually invest in all of them. I’m just about breaking even right now which is better than I’ve done on some other tip sheets. total lack of real support but I guess that’s what you get for a one off fee. I’ve kinda written off the cost now so who knows if a good tip comes along I’ll be in the money. Just don’t expect miracles.

  3. Scam artist. Waste of time. Basically, he’s pimping a weekly pump and dump stock. If you actually look into the stocks that he suggests, you will find that the majority of them have been pumped and dumped time and again over the last few years and almost all of them have little to no reporting and very bad financials….

    Don’t waste your time and money. I’m just hoping now that he honors his “guarantee” and gives me my refund as I have requested.

  4. OK, tried the service penny stock egghead. First pick, there was a disclaimer on the bottom, to the effect of “my boss was paid $25,000 to push this stock”. Ignored that pick. Read some reviews, all good, for penny stock egghead. Next pick comes, with disclaimer, similar wording, basically means “my boss was paid $25,000 to push this stock”.
    I didn’t want to believe that it was all a scam, so I read the marketing hype and was promised that the company in question was launching a new service that was going to be revolutionary (and likely cause the stock price to go up). Not wanting to believe I was scammed, I went AGAINST my better judgement and invested in that stock.
    The stock was trading in heavy volume, but basically stayed flat from open. And then it started dropping like a rock. I managed to stop out for only a 10% loss. I feel lucky.
    Later, with some heavy digging…I learned that the revolutionary new service had actually been launched several months ago…and didn’t seem to be doing too well.
    Why would somebody pay even a one-time fee to a service that is paid to push worthless stocks?
    If I get my money back (from the one-time fee) it might make up for some of my losses. But I feel like an idiot I ever trusted this guy…

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