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Microcap Millionaires

Microcapmillionaires.comWebsite: www.microcapmillionaires.com
Pick Quality: 8/10

Methodology: Essentially, these guys scour undiscovered or undervalued stocks and analyze indications of institutional or “big player” buying interest…through factors such as block trades, investor relations firm hirings, etc. Their goal is to predict some near and long term heavy buying interest. Kind of like a surfer looking out for a big wave.

Overview: While the sales page is a bit hyped up, Microcap Millionaires does an excellent job of delivering a steady flow of profitable penny stock picks based on the above mentioned methodology and analysis.

Most of these stocks are in the ultra low price range $.20 and under, so realize that these are truly either a win or loss scenario. In other words, it’s best to expect a total loss from the losers. However, the ultra low priced picks can typically work very well on the upside, as the “wins” tend to be quite high.

That being said, it’s important with these picks to not try and parlay trades you may do on them. Instead, break up your capital and use sensible money management to suit your risk tolerance.

Cons: None…aside from the fact that liquidity could potentially be an issue on some picks if you plan to place large trades (say $10,000 or more). If most of your trades are small, this is not much of a concern.

Bottom Line: Definitely worth trying out if you’d like to play the penny stock market, but don’t have the time or expertise to go through the trial and error of developing your own penny stock picking strategy.

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One thought on “Microcap Millionaires Review

  1. Occasional good picks but not very consistent imo. If you ride the odd winners you can profit from this but take care.

  2. I agrre on the support from Matt, he’s a likeable guy but no winners for me so far…. i give another month or so

  3. Working well for me this month. I’m hopless at picking my own stocks so kudos to matt for sticking his neck out again and again

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