Penny Stock Newsletters – Pick You Way Through the Financial Storm!

By Dave Johansen

Are Penny Stock Newsletters the way through this financial storm? Let’s have a look at some harsh realities and whether Penny Stock Newsletters are the answer.

First some harsh realities about the current financial situation.

1. Money in the bank is costing you money, savings rates across the globe are at or near zero whilst the true inflation rate is moving ever higher.

2. All major currencies are being devalued so you will need to make more money just to stay still.

3. Investing long term in the stock market is a risky business with losses over the last ten years up to 50%

4. 95% of professional market advisors make money from fees and don’t invest their own money in the products they sell.

5. The majority of those saving money in a pension plan or other managed investment product are getting a Bad deal, in fact they would be far better off managing it themselves.

I could go one but you get the idea, times are changing and you need to adapt and quickly and that’s where Penny Stock Newsletters come in.

One of the key advantages to trading or investing in penny stocks is the fact that many low priced stocks fly “under the radar” and often go unnoticed by large investment firms and well known analysts. This makes for a less efficient market, which creates potential to profit from those inefficiencies in a bigger way than with small-cap, mid-cap, or large-cap stocks.

However, aside from the potential for huge gains, there is just as big or even bigger potential risks on the downside, especially investors and traders who are reckless and uninformed.

Wild price swings in terms of percentage is what makes penny stocks attractive to traders.

However, finding good information and research is the hard part. That’s where good microcap or penny stock newsletters can help…

Penny stock newsletters can be a great way to get in on smaller stocks and let someone else do that research and information gathering for you.